Don't Treat Me That Way (Ken Stewart / Kim Cambridge)
Leave your bags outside the door, It isn't we don't trust you anymore
Smokers please ... no ash on the floor, It's 1,2,3 then it's 4
There's good , There's bad, There's people full of hate
For me to qualify you'll have to wait
Cattle prods and stun guns keep you straight, It's 5,6,7 then it's 8

Well I must've missed the notice strolling in, Half asleep and cool as Erryl Flinn
Wandering with my trolly down the ailse
Checkout, Checkpoint Bodysearch ... No smiles

Plastic cards cruise on down the line, Well I did not steal a thing
So what's the crime
Wondering what's mine is really mine, 1,3,5,6,7 then it's 9

Leave your bags outside the door? This Woolworths not El Salvador
Fill my trolley, then I pay and go
Checkout, Checkpoint Bodysearch ... Oh no!

And it's what I want to say And it's what I want .. not today
And it's what I want to say
Never ever treat me that way?        Don't treat me that way!

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