2013 starts with the band back in the recording studio with new songs!

Ken sneaks out to spend time in Mexico, Cuba, Peru and Argentina

In May 2008 Ken Stewart was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritus, an incurable immune system disorder where the white corpuscles
attack all the joint tissues causing crippling pain and immobility.  After 6 months of chemotherapy Stewart failed to significantly improve.
A new biological treatment, started that year reduced the inflamation in Stewart's joints and provides a management regime allowing a return to normal life.
(Thanks for all the emails and phone calls of support and encouragement through this trial)

During the time of inactivity and limited mobility Ken has revived his APRA nominated environmental children's musical Funky Zoo

event pics
songs of freedom and justice

new album ".... and the wind brought change" out in September

cover art by Argentinian artist ricardo ajler

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