Claustrophobia  (Ken Stewart) 

                   I like to stand out in a crowd! So many people soft and loud!

Hey! won’t you come and run with me!
There’s a lot of places I’d like to see!
People go where people are! Everybody is a star!
I can take it or leave it you see!
‘Cos there’s something badly wrong with me!

I hate standing in a queue! Waiting to meet someone like you!
Someone I can get close to!
But pushing and shoving and banging and crashing!

Life is full of many things!
It makes you run and jump and look and see!
Fill her up! With the zest of life! Oh! How happy you’ll be!
But life’s no fun on your own! And things mean nothing at all!
What do you do when your space gets crushed!
Spread out! And hear me call!


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