Iron and Steel  (Ken Stewart / Anthony Waugh)
A blacksmith forges the armour, a new champion raises his sword
Kings and Queens discuss their means
 ďThereís more power here and abroad!Ē
 A mining company digs into the earth, to take the strength from the soil
History is built on conquest and the mighty will never fall
Iron and Steel, plastic and paper

Trees come down to write up the plan, the paper trail begins
The sword and the pen are chosen by men and the war of progress kicks in
Steel is real, words are cheap, the pen is mightier than the sword
History is built on deceit and the winner must always take all!
Iron and Steel, plastic and paper

Progress is like a cancer, consuming all in itís way
The death of truth is final, itís all plastic and paper today
 Wheels go round, ships go down, cities crumble to the ground
 Iron and Steel grow rust on the wheel and the truth is nowhere to be found
Iron and Steel, plastic and paper

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