The music media struggles to describe the Urban Guerillas……

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Something like the musical Robin Hood, they can be seen anywhere there is injustice and political devastation. ..... Revolver Magazine

Stadium - ready Hard Rock from Australia. Chunka-chunka guitars, plodding butt-swagger tempos, and wave-your-hands-in-the-air choruses. ......

The punk tradition continues in bands like the Celibate Rifles, the New Christs and the Urban Guerillas ... Mark Dodshon Sydney Morning Herald

The Urban Guerillas perform with a forceful blend of aggression and calculation which rarely allows the energy level to sag. A pop band with a punk spirit. ... RAM

The Urban Guerillas’ sound is definitely an original one yet one that is extremely hard to put a label on. .... On The Street

The music’s wild and young, full of naïve energy. Ten out of ten for attitude. ... Juke

The Urban Guerillas’ music, original yet never predictable travels down many roads from rock to pop to reggae yet always remaining in the one vein.
If I had to label them musically and lyrically (which is not easy) I would have to put them somewhere between the Spy’s and the Oils, a parallel and a compliment in one. ... On the Street

It takes persistence to succeed in Rock and Roll and the Urban Guerillas have it! ... Sunday Telegraph

The Urban Guerillas have established themselves as an intelligent and thoughtfully provocative unit. The strong melodic power of their music, combined with their urgent lyrics makes them a potent music force. ... The Beat (Melbourne)

The Guerillas’ have proved that you don’t have to avoid reality to have a fun night out. ... Canberra Times

If you like your rock a little raw, with a stripped down post-punk no non-sense edge join the Guerillas. Music for mind and feet. ... On The Street

Urban Guerillas dazzle the listener with their urgency and sentiment. They are actually one of Australia’s most powerful pop bands with something to say. ... Rip it Up (Adelaide)

The sound is great, the pace is terrific and the vocals are clear and interesting. ... Canberra Times

The Urban Guerillas have a range of songs which are musically enticing and lyrically stirring. ... Sunday Mail (Adelaide)

The Urban Guerillas have the musical aptitude to make you cry , cringe and wise up (often within one song). Pitched somewhere between Midnight Oil and Weddings Parties and Anything. ... Drum

The Urban Guerillas are as working Class as a Woolloomooloo wharfy ......  Canberra Times

The Urban Guerilla’s sound like an inner city Seekers. ... Rolling Stone

The Urban Guerillas Una expresion musical de lo que es ser verdaderamente multicultural. ... El Espanol

Like the Clash, Midnight Oil definitely check out the Urban Guerillas for something a little different. ... Beat

They play competently and harmonise well in a singsy songsy way reminiscent of Midnight Oil segued with Painters and Dockers. ... Rolling Stone

Urban Guerillas play a relentless brand of original rock music. ... Who’s who of Australian rock

The Urban Guerillas are rock legends, they rock with attitude, commitment and passion … Oh Yeah and a few laughs along the way. ... Jack Daniel’s Rocks Off (Australia wide)

Urban Guerilla’s are a bunch of mad bastards that hark back to that period of Oz Rock epitomised by the Angels and Midnight Oil. ... Beat Magazine

What to expect from Urban Guerilla’s … somewhere between Spy vs Spy and Midnight Oil with a bent pop character is as close in words as I may describe them. ... On The Street

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