What a Mess! (K. Stewart)   

Youíve got stress , more or less! What a mess it can make of your life!
You share it around. It always comes back. Much worse than it left.
Youíre not alone! Everyone is down to the bone! Weíre all frying in the heat!

Start a new day, youíve got to get away. It doesnít pay to keep it all in.
Change your style! WALK! WALK! WALK! Donít come back till youíve got it straight.
Youíre not alone! Youíre never alone! Weíre all frying in the heat!
Lose your stress, give it a rest! I detest what itís done to you and me!
Turn a new page! Get out and rage! All your friends will come flooding back to you!
Donít shake or break dear! Your life is at stake here!
Youíve gotta get on top of whatís killing you!
Itís killing you!
Itís killing me! Itís killing everyone!
Itís killing you!
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