Just a Lifetime (K. Stewart/p. Paviour )    

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65 rides around the sun! Itís a lifetime!

The first 5 rides you get for free, starting at your mothersí breast.
Then your big enough to go to school. Boy! You better do your best!
Half sized, half priced. Look at me! Watchiní what the adults do!
Studying hard and doiní my homework. I donít wanna be a loser!
          Itís just a lifetime!
18 turns upon the clock! It takes a long time to grow!
Full of ideas and crazy dreams! 47 rides to go!
Out of work! Out of luck! Look at you! Now itís time to pay!
The world keeps turniní! Gotta keep earniní! 17,000 more days!
Itís just a lifetime!
We celebrate each solar orbit! Happy Birthday! Happy New Year!
Make a wish! Blow out the candle! Blow out another millennium!
Blow out another dinosaur!
25 rides around the sun. Youíre not a kid any more!
45 rides around the sun. I hear you ask "Whatís it all for!"
Full priced! Half lifed! You donít look so good any more!
The go-roundís not so merry! Rather take the ferry!
Take me to a distant shore.
Itís just a lifetime!

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