Go BackUrban Guerillas 1991

Thursday   21st November Excelsior Hotel Glebe 'Glebe Festival' UG NSW
    Perry Keyes, Alistair Hulett + Jimmy Gregory 
Wednesday  13th November  GOTCHA SBS Gary Keane   NSW
Sunday  10th November  Newtown Festival Camperdown Pk Newtown NSW
Saturday 2nd November Excelsior Hotel Glebe NSW
Friday 27th September Southern Cross Hotel St Peters (Band Comp) NSW
Saturday 10th August First Fleet Park  Circular Quay Hiroshima Day NSW
Friday 9th August Triple J Prerecord 'Live to Air' P.E.A.C.E. NSW
Friday 26th July Terrace Bar Canberra ACT
Friday   19th July Moby Dicks Whale Beach NSW
Friday 5th July Terrace Bar Canberra ACT
Friday 28th June Terrace Bar Canberra  ACT
Saturday 22nd June Manly Vale Hotel  NSW
Friday 10th May Selinas "Ballroom Blitz" Coogee Bay NSW
Tuesday 9th April Kardomah Cafe Kings Cross (Mutated Noddys) NSW
Sunday 24th March Haunted Castle Lewisham Hotel NSW
Wednesday 20th March The Illinois Hotel Five Dock NSW
Sunday 17th March Haunted Castle Lewisham Hotel NSW
Wednesday 13th March General Bourke Hotel Parramatta (Hurricanes) NSW
Sunday 24th February Haunted Castle Lewisham (Strange Cat People) NSW
Wednesday 20th February Illinois Hotel Five Dock (Bow Street Runners) NSW
Sunday 17th February Haunted Castle Lewisham (Wicked Streak) NSW
Friday 18th January Pearly Shells Hotel/Motel Maruya NSW
Friday 11th January Seven Hills Inn (Moon + Sundogs) NSW
Thursday 3rd January Kardomah Cafe Kings Cross  (Sundogs) NSW

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