Environment, Math, and Science

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Standing in the outback! Rest one leg and look around!
          No-one, nothin’, nowhere! Space and time go under ground!
          Decisions in the cities! "What shall we do with the useless land ? "
          "Test the bombs for England!" Will they ever understand?

          The outlook in the outback! Independence Day is near!
          What treats lie in the treaty? Self control’s what’s needed here!

          The shadow of the cloud of Hiroshima Still blocks out the sun from the land.
          And here in the valleys of Australia, we hope it never happens again!
          Maralinga field of thunder! Montebello Emu Fields!
          Maralinga it’s a sad place! Maralinga land we steal!
          Maralinga it’s a disgrace! Maralinga land we steal!

                                                   Ken Stewart

   Wattle We Do?

Is it cold out there?   It’s rainin’ in my heart!
 The surf looks fair!  The day’s about to start!
       From where I stand, a shadow on the memory of much happier days.
          The sea and sand have always been a symbol of Australia at play.
       The sign on the beach says “Keep Away”  The water here’s not safe today.
     I put on my clothes and I get in the car. I can’t believe that it’s got this far!

 Is there room out there?  I like to walk amongst the trees.
     The earth looks bare, log trucks welcome me!
    The sign on the gate says “Keep Away” The air is rich with toxic spray.
       I get out of there as fast as I can. This neck of the woods ain’t fit for man!

       Wattle we do about it!  It’s gettin’ worse everyday!
        Whatever you choose boy!  You better start straight away!

           I love a sunburnt country! There’s no shade where there’s no trees!
           I love the warmth of the ‘greenhouse effect’ I love the factories!
           I love a land of sweeping plains; Of garbage dumps and sewerage drains.
                 For most of us that’s all we’ve got. And Bondi Beach is my favourite spot!

           Wattle we do about it?    What will we do?

                                                    Back                      Ken Stewart

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