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Welcome students of song
These pages explore the reasons and concerns that inspire me to write songs.
Some of the following songs are direct and intense while other songs use humour and sarcasm to make their point.
The style of music is aimed at intensifying the mood while the melody and dynamics aid and abett the lyric line in
a passionate attempt at a balanced combination of  physical and intellectual communication.

Any songwriter will tell you that soon after it's initial idea the song becomes an entity unto itself and all
who attempt to play it find themselves it's willing servant desperately trying  to do it justice.
Some songwriters become so removed from their own songs that they attribute them to divine intervention.
That is a simplistic and populurist explanation that doesn't work for me.
I believe that songs are simply manifestations of good intention intensified by the will to be understood clearly.

Learning From Lyrics
There is no doubt that music is prominent in all cultures. There are official and unofficial national anthems.
 Australians have adopted a pop song 'I come from a land down-under' by Men at Work as it's sporting
anthem and 'Beds are Burning' by Midnight Oil as it's cultural anthem. Songs are an alternative media
giving rise to a variety of role models and moral leadership.
Much was learnt about the Vietnam War and corrupt governments from Bob Dylan and Donovan songs.
Much is learnt today from Billy Bragg songs about the invasion of Iraq by the 'coalition of the killing'
who blatantly dis-obeyed international rulings laid down by the security council of the United Nations.
The internet is a vehicle for the truth and songs can deliver versions of the truth coded for an open minded
audience similar to the way minstrals sang 'nursery rymes' against the corrupt kings in medieval times.
"Only the needle has been changed to protect the record" Stan Freberg

The Urban Guerillas songs are set up in categories below consistent with ......
Learning from Lyrics Second Edition

Arts and Humanities

Business, Economy and Government

Environment, Math and Science

Health, Society and Culture

History and Social Science

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