Stating the Obvious (Ken Stewart / Anthony Waugh)
Catwalk pussycats itís nice to see the top of your leg
Top to toe in glamourex look at all the doggies beg
What are you trying to say? We're all blown away
Stating the obvious    (world goes round again)

Silver talking salesmanIíve never seen the back of your head
What a load of discount! I donít believe a word that you said
Where do you want me to sign?
What do you mean conditions apply?
Stating the obvious (world goes round again)

Polly thinks weíre crackers he couldnít lie straight in bed
Protocol in pinstripes I'd rather be red than dead
What are you selling today?
You ought to be locked away
Stating the obvious (world goes round again)
Another Guerillas' Song?
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