Maralinga (K. Stewart/P.Paviour )

                   Standing in the outback! Rest one leg and look around!

No-one, nothiní, nowhere! Space and time go under ground!
Decisions in the cities! "What shall we do with the useless land ? "
"Test the bombs for England!" Will they ever understand?

The outlook in the outback! Independence Day is near!
What treats lie in the treaty? Self controlís whatís needed here!

The shadow of the cloud of Hiroshima Still blocks out the sun from the land.
And here in the valleys of Australia, we hope it never happens again!
Maralinga field of thunder! Montebello Emu Fields!
Maralinga itís a sad place! Maralinga land we steal!
Maralinga itís a disgrace! Maralinga land we steal!
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