Environment, Math, and Science

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Here Come the Americans  Back
 Ken Stewart
America always seems to be at war with some little country that has some cheap labour or vast
natural resources on offer.  It was not enough that Australians have sold out our own culture to
become homoginised and uninteresting (responsible for nothing) but now Australia seems to
be always at war with some poor little country as well.  Corrupt governments divide the electrate
seeking popularity at the expense of harmony and a civilised community.  The old divide and rule.
They colour code their enemies... It's so easy to prey on peoples fears ...
Red Peril, Yellow Peril, Green Men from outer space, Black hats, white hats.
Once it was commies, now it's terrorists!
The world holds out hope for a democratically elected governments in the west.
Regime change begins at home..

Killing Trade
Ken Stewart
Lot's of money to be made.  While there is so much 'legal' money to be made out of war we will never see peace.
Specially crafted and worded 'intelligence' will see that we keep the fires of hatred fanned with fear.

Ken Stewart
Is it possible? I would certainly like to think so.  Anytime governments are democratically elected
we seem to get closer to peace and more harmony within our own community.
How about thinking the best of people and exercising a bit of trust.
Who really wants to die just to make someone-else rich?


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