Farewell to Welfare   (Ken Stewart)  
The world is divided into uneven halves!
Itís been decided who will laugh and who will cry!
Ease your conscience by giving aid to the poor!
A load of nonsense when your subsidising war!
OK! Got the message! We have to try something new!
Letís all get together!  Itís up to me and .....
You know it doesnít have to be this way!
Come on try with me we can change our ways!
Anytime!  Anyhow!  Anywhere!  Anyway!
Anything!  Anyone  Any year! and Any day!
We can change our ways!
Hello! to the new world!  Hello! to the aware!
Our governments love us! Theyíre helping us to share!
Hello! to the well fed! Hello! to the loved!
Goodbye! to the vultures! Hello! to the dove!

The world is divided into uneven halves!
Farewell to Welfare!

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