Love Creature (K. Stewart ) 

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There are many lonely people. How many fish are in the sea?
Moving 'round in ever decreasing circles, Keep your heart well off your sleeve.
       Signs of weakness can be detected, in a world as cold as steel
Get to work and don't be affected, by the passions you used to feel.

Fact is stranger than fiction, Get ready for friction
A change in your position...
What's that thing coming into your vision?

It's a love creature lurkin' about
Love creature sneakin' all around.
There's a love creature lurkin' about, love creature. You better watch out!

There are many warring peoples, killing goes on senslessly
Claiming ever shifting, changing borders, scant regard for humanity
Occupation can seem effective in a world of dollars and cents
A fatal plan might seem infectious until the body bags have to be sent

Get ready for action, a stronger force is attacking,
Drop all the denial, there is nothing more useless than a rifle to a love creature

Try as you may to build a brick wall around your heart
Some pain it may save but you'll never know what your missing out on.

Don't give up on loving people
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